..born on the wings of adventure
carved by the African savannah
raised in the quiet coastal plains of South America
embraced by Middle Eastern traditions
and influenced by European culture. “These are the things that bend me to their will.”

Traveling to some of the most remote corners in the cradle of modern religion, Malee finds shelter in small villages and tiny tented camps – “My saviors of the ancient world”.

Driven by a desire to explore the wilderness, Malee moves back to Africa, where the Savannah and its indigenous people “awakened the dormant talent within me”. Here she begins to practice her art and photography in a new medium capturing the raw beauty of African nature.

Malee now lives in the Fort Lauderdale area where she was introduced to the river of grass. “The Everglades”

Our passion for design comes from the vast multicultural experiences gleaned from traveling all over the world.  From the Middle East to the Horn of Africa, from the Andes to the Drakensberg, Blending new ideas and touched by the beauty of our Everglades;  we have imbibed from some of the greatest cultures and civilizations ever to have placed their indelible mark on our fragile planet.

For us Design doesn’t just happen, it is a creative process fueled by the need to fulfill a function.  It’s often painful and always difficult but the results are worth the effort.  It doesn’t matter what we are working on, a Corporate Identity, a Logo or a piece of art, our approach is always organic.

What we do:

Digital Studio Services
Images can be processed and delivered in almost any format or color space.

  • Web design
    • Business
    • eCommerce
    • Multimedia
    • Personal
    • Portfolio
  • Fashion
    • Model portfolios
    • Catalog work
  • Events / Occasions
    • Wild life photography
    • Fashion events
    • News events
    • Family Gatherings
  • Portraits
    • Babies
    • Children
    • Adults
    • Couples
    • Groups
    • Pets
  • Products / Marketing
    • Magazine
    • Advertising
    • Marketing
  • Aerial
    • Landmarks
    • Events
    • Real Estate
    • Boating and fishing